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We provide custom-built tools for various software packages like CATIA / TEKLA / HiCAD / AutoCAD etc. These tools can increase productivity and improve quality thus providing enormous cost savings.


Product 01
steel prop

  • Using this tool, user will be able to create steel profiles with a mouse click in AutoCAD
  • Profiles can be from ASTM,BS,GB,DIN, IS, JS and LNT
  • User defined profiles can also be drawn
  • Draw Single / Double members
  • Profiles can be drawn in
    • Sectional / Top / Side views
    • Horizontally / Vertically / at an angle/ between 2 points
    • Draw along CG./ Top Of Steel / Gage
  • Drawing unit choice - between MM / Inches
  • Profile information in a mouse click
  • Option to draw center line, rotate view and many more

Product 02
esheet tool

  • E-Sheet tool is used to produce error-free erection sheets.
  • Detailers produce erection sheets or general arrangement drawings in PDF format and assembly list from 3-D model in excel format.
  • As a part of checking process, these erection sheets are compared with assembly list, to find out the missing or excess assembly marks.
  • This process consumes huge amount of time, since it is normally done manually.
  • These huge numbers of man hours could be reduced to couple of minutes by using this E-Sheet tool.