our strength


Today’s competitive market demands shrinking product development time. We have the expertise in software automation / customization to meet specific client needs, across various engineering segments.

We have rich experience in developing, implementing and maintaining software automation / customization on various CAD platforms. The design process can be automated using custom software programs in various disciplines such as CAD modeling, detailing and product Design. Automation tools will help the clients in cutting modeling, detailing, QC time and thereby reducing the overall cost.

Furthermore, knowledge transmission in the interests of clients has been our specialty to lead them towards advanced ventures. We not only develop and deliver the custom tools, but can also share the source codes on specific agreement.


Our Design Automation solutions assist engineering organizations to develop products & execute projects with.

  • Reduced manual Intervention & repeated errors
  • Increased overall efficiency.
  • Improved quality at every level of the Product Life Cycle.
  • Reduced turn around / process time.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Knowledge capture